Friday, October 3, 2008

My Family

Well as I sat here trying to think of something to write I thought I should write about the most important things in my life. And one of the first things that came to my mind was my family.

I guess I'll start with the youngest in our family, Moriah. She's 11yrs old and is the dramatic one in the family... well actually her and Abigail pretty much tie for that role but we'll get to that later. Anyway, Moriah loves to sing and she's actually pretty good at it. She also like to dance, draw, play outside and do pretty much anything that draws attention to herself. She's also my little helper. She'll do anything if I'm doing it with her. She always goes shopping with me and last Saturday she helped me wash all of our family's cars. Her and I get along pretty well although I do get impatient with her and sometimes I'm annoyed by her always wanting to do everything with me. She is very sweet though and most of the time I like hanging out with her.

Abigail is next in line she's kind of a wild card. She has a strong independent spirit, is very moody/emotional and doesn't like to be told what to do. She can be very funny however and usually has a witty comment to throw into any conversation. She loves riding horses, dancing, and singing. She'd love to be a famous singer or actor or pretty much anything that would make her famous. Our personalities are completely opposite so we pretty much drive each other crazy most of the time. We do share the upstairs bathroom and hall (thankfully we don't share a room anymore) so we've learned to compromise... which basically means I clean everything and complain all the time lol. Over all though we do get along for the most part. She's always ready to listen if I need to talk and we have had some pretty crazy times together. Life just wouldn't be the same if I didn't have to share it with her lol.

Next is my brother, Joshua. He has to be the best big brother ever. He plays football for the University of Lafayette. When we were younger we used to fight all the time but when he got into highschool we started talking allot more and became really close. He still can aggravate the crap out of me sometimes but come on, that's what big brothers are for, right? I don't see him much now that he's in college but I enjoy the time we do get spend together even more.

and last but not least there's my parents. I'll admit right up front that I'm a total Daddy's girl. I think he's the best Daddy in the whole world and definately the smartest. He's an engineer so he's really good at math and knows all about roads and stuff. My Mom used to be an RN and so she always knows what to do when we have a medical problem. Both my parents are wonderful and I hope I'm half as good as they are when I become a parent.
so that's us... We're not normal, we're not average, we're definately not "cool", but we are a family.