Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mama Mia

Well most people who know me know that I don't cook. At all. Mainly because when I do cook no one likes it because I have a very "immature palette" as someone once put it. Basically I like my food very bland. No one else does, therefore when I cook something to fit my taste, I'm the only one who likes it. And it's hard for me to cook something I don't like. There, that's my excuse for not cooking and I'm sticking to it. So usually I either just help mom cook or I much prefer to set the table or clean the kitchen afterwards. But every now and then the cooking of a meal falls into my hands and it is always an adventure.

So tonight is my brothers last night home before he starts college again and because of his football practices, other than his best friends wedding, he won't be home until Thanksgiving. So tonight mom was supposed to cook his two favorite things-homemade pizza and peach cobbler. Well unfortunately my mom became sick with the stomach bug this evening and somehow the fate of tonight's supper was left in my [less than capable] hands. Thankfully my sister came to help... Was she actually helpful? Well the jury's still out on that but she definitely kept me company and made sure the experience was well documented.

From cutting onions and bell peppers for the first time to trying to toss pizza dough the whole thing was a learning experience.

But it was fun and Abigail and I had allot of good laughs.
And in the end we made three really good pizzas and everyone in the family said they tasted amazing!

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Just A Girl said...

Those pizzas look awesome! Cute pics.