Wednesday, August 12, 2009

part 2 of Day 2

My day has gotten better since this morning when I wrote. I’ve discovered that if you look at someonewhen you pass them and say hey or just smile they will almost always return the gesture and at this point just having someone smile at me puts a bright spot in my day. When I was leaving campus to go to Walgreens a little while ago I passed this really cute guy walking down the side walk. We made eye contact and my first reaction was just to smile at him and guess what? He smiled AND waved at me! After that I decided to try to smile at more people when I passed them. Well before I was even off campus I passed a groundsman (who was about 50 or so) and when I smiled at him he smiled and waved back. I was like wow, this is so cool. So thanks to that first guy I have now become a new, outgoing Hannah. Sure, I’m not knocking on random peoples doors yet but I am making eye contact and smiling at strangers and for me, that’s a big step.

So after my lil public relations revelation I got my mind back on the task at hand-my trip to the Walgreens on the corner. My shopping list included bobby pins, a coaster, cotton balls, a power strip, thumb tacks, and pringles (ok well pringles weren’t actually on the list but they were on sale and I needed a snack). I love going to places like Walgreens and CVS. They have fun stuff to look at and I can waste a good amount of time in one of those places. Being out and about helped lift my spirits even higher.

Work also went well today… actually better than yesterday. I was in a room with twelve 2-6 month olds and was working with two or three other girls. I really enjoyed those babies allot. One of the things that I liked about it was there was always something for me to do. Whether it was changing diapers, giving bottles, comforting a crying baby, there was always something for me to do and it made me feel useful and didn’t leave me standing around awkwardly.

So over all today was a lil bit better than just ok.

College Freshman Score Sheet

DAY 2:
Over all rating of day-a lil better than mediocre
Worst part-being unfamiliar with the campus
Best part-having people smile at me
Friend count-2

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